No Lone Wolves Tee


The world tells us to blaze our own trail, choose our own path, be the captain of our own ship, in control, in charge, a Lone Wolf. And it would have us believe the life of a lone wolf is the way, that it’s good and it’s desirable, that it’s the goal, and it’s the mark of a man. But the truth is that’s a lie. You see the lone wolf in nature is at risk of being killed by starvation, the elements and even other packs. A lone wolf is weak. A lone wolf without a pack is a death sentence. The same is true for us we are created for a relationship with God and others we weren’t meant to live as a lone wolf on our own and isolation.

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe life is best lived in a pack – with others, pursuing God.

So at Blood Brothers, we say – NO LONE WOLVES.

If the resonates with you, grab a shirt and join the movement.

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